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Why Go Solar With Us?

We offer the highest quality solar equipment. We strive for excellent customer satisfaction and will install your system in an effective and efficient manner.

Local Company

Our team is 100% locally owned and operated in Virginia. We are also accredited by the BBB.


No matter your situation, we have a very flexible payment plan tailor-made for you.

No Out Of Pocket Cost

Zero out-of-pocket expense when you go solar with us

Why Go Solar Solar

Increase Your Home Value

The average solar system installation can increase a home's resale value up to 10%. If it’s ever time to sell, solar will offer a unique, sought-after selling point.

Take Control Of Your Power

Gain control back from your utility company. Don’t be a hostage to rate increases, power reductions and unpredictable utility bills. Install solar panels on your home and begin utilizing our sun’s natural, free energy.


Save on your monthly electric bill! Annual energy costs are on the rise with no end in sight. Equip your home or business with solar energy for $0 out of pocket and start saving now.

Take Advantage of Reusable Energy

When you make the switch to clean, affordable energy, you can save our planet from over 300 tons of CO2 emissions. Turn your home into a renewable energy source you’ll be proud of, all while saving money!

Find Out If Your Home Qualifies For Solar

All Roads Lead To Solar!

We offer quality solar at every price point. Either for your home, business, or very specific needs.

Residential Solar

Virginia Energy Solutions is dedicated to serving its customers with the best customer service and the best products around. If you are interested in saving money each and every month, do not hesitate to call us. One of our Solar Specialists will gladly walk with you through the process and educate you on all things solar.

Commercial Solar

By installing solar energy systems and making the decision to switch to renewable energy you are getting ahead and keeping money in your pocket. Varied upon your business goals we provide you with multiple solar energy systems to choose from that work best for your business to reduce or even eliminate your current electric bill. The funds you once used for your electricity bill can be allocated and invested back into your business.

Custom Solar Builds

Get a tailor-made solution to your power issues. We sit and develop a workable plan and the best course of action for your energy needs and your budget.

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